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  “A writing course changed things for me”, says 38 year old Lakshmi Mitter, a post graduate in Economics and Management Research. Lakshmi decided to take a break from her job at an MNC to enjoy motherhood, thinking she would return someday to corporate life. But it was during that break she participated in a writing course and discovered the writer in her. Lakshmi started writing for The Deccan Herald on a myriad of topics like Economics, Finance, etc. and also contributed

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This morning, our garbage bag was left uncollected outside our apartment. Like most places, the maintenance staff collects our garbage everyday. I knew that they had come as I had instructed the maid who works at our place to hand over the garbage. Yet an hour later, it lay there, open and not tied. Puzzled, I asked the maid. She told me that everyday she walks up to the bin and dumps the garbage herself while the maintenance staff look

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  As long as children are reading books with age appropriate topics, the type of book, (graphic novel or a picture book or a text loaded book), shouldn’t matter. At least they are reading something… Alok is seven years old and he loves to read books with a lot of pictures. He prefers funny story books over serious non-fiction books. For him, story books take him to an imaginary place where he can have a good laugh and have fun.

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