Would you ever give up an upcoming promotion and a big pay raise to reflect and introspect on what you truly want to do? I didn’t think anyone would until I met Smriti Arora Malhotra, Founder and CEO of Wall Tart, a company that promises to alienate dullness from this world, wall by wall.

Smriti, took an impulsive decision to quit her job when she was at the top of her game. Her decision was met with disapproval from all those around her, except for her husband who stood by her all through. She spent eight months immersing herself in self-help books. One book that especially helped Smriti was “Born to Succeed” by Colin Turner, she says it “vacuumed me out of deep waters and I emerged as an enlightened person who was much more aware of my limitations and strengths.”

Smriti, refers to Wall Tart as her “soul food” and after noticing a gap in the area of metal based custom solutions for walls, she decided to embark on creating timeless pieces curated out of metals with other mix mediums, for residential and commercial spaces.

Success, to Smriti, is a relative term and although the struggle is always on, she loves the journey. She feels blessed to have won some challenging and influential projects from the start and it helped her grow, develop, build a strong network and a robust pipeline of projects.There were times, initially, when she missed having her bank account being credited with money on the first of every month, but otherwise she is extremely happy and satisfied as she has painted her life, her way.

So, does she suggest you quit your job and pursue your passion? Yes! She does, but quickly adds “You have to be a go-getter, a self-motivator and ready for some financial jerks during the initial days. Just plan wisely and go for it. You can make it happen, you will!”

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