CurleyStreet (Creator) partnered with U.K based charity iPartner (Producer) and APSA (The Association for Promoting Social Action)

With this third and final story, you’ll see the far-reaching repercussions and the unwitting victims of flesh trade. This is the story of Susan (name changed to protect her identity), a lively and outspoken aspiring film star, who spent her childhood in the dark shadow of the flesh trade. Susan was born with HIV. Her mother, due to her line of work as a sex worker, transferred the disease to her. “I want to give hope to girls like me. So that they can live their lives better”, says the pretty and confident Susan. At a tender age, Susan had given up on life and on any hopes for her future. She was told she was cursed and unlucky. She felt that there was no escape from the world she was living in. Till the day she tried to end her life, and ended up discovering a new life altogether. Now she calls herself fearless, and is ready to face any challenge the world has to offer. As she carefully applies kajal on eyes that sparkle with the excitement of youth, we know this girl is going places.


About the series and its creators:

CurleyStreet Media is a creative film production company focused on candid and emotional storytelling. Founded in 2012, by Pavitra Chalam, CurleyStreet is known for independent films on real and complex content ranging from human rights to art.

CurleyStreet (Creator) partnered with U.K based charity iPartner (Producer) and APSA (The Association for Promoting Social Action), to share the stories of three young women who went from being victims to survivors of sexual exploitation, with the hope of reaching out to others in need of help. 

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