The Wonder Women World would like to draw your attention to the world of sexual exploitation. Statistics reveal, that a child has to be rescued from the clutches of some form of sexual exploitation every two days in India. Exploitation makes no exceptions. It does not spare little boys or girls, women or men. However, I would like to focus this feature on those who form the majority of its victims – women.

Starting today, I will share CurleyStreet Media’s three-part series about brave, strong and beautiful young girls from different parts of India, who went from being victims to survivors of child and sex trafficking. They take us through the brutally honest, intensely personal and hard-hitting accounts of their ordeal, urging us to take affirmative action when it comes to striking at the heart of sex trafficking and protecting our innocents. While all three of them have now been rehabilitated with the support and care of organizations dedicated to their cause, the journey to get there has been one that would test even the strongest of us.

Sexual exploitation reveals the perversion that exists in our society and shakes your faith in humanity. The world feels unsafe and impure. Reading about it or watching a documentary may make your stomach churn, make you feel uncomfortable, emotionally charged and angry. But before you quickly scroll away to happier topics, please pause and remember that if you, as a reader feel the way you do, imagine the plight of the victim. Their message to all their fellow victims is one of hope – there is light at the end of that painfully long and dark tunnel.

About the series and its creators:
CurleyStreet Media is a creative film production company focused on candid and emotional storytelling. Founded in 2012, by Pavitra Chalam, CurleyStreet is known for independent films on real and complex content ranging from human rights to art. CurleyStreet partnered with U.K based charity iPartner and APSA (The Association for Promoting Social Action), to share the stories of three young women who went from being victims to survivors of sexual exploitation, with the hope of reaching out to others in need of help. 


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