The Idea of Doing Nothing!

Often doing nothing leads to doing something meaningful from my latest experiences. Which lead me think and read deeply about this concept .

Sri Sri Ravishankar of the art of living says “ Meditation is the delicate art of doing nothing “

I somehow agree fully to his quote .

The term “Dolce far Niente “ an Italian concept which means the sweetness of doing nothing and another term in Dutch “Nisken “ which also means the idea of doing nothing . The concept hit me real hard as I believed in doing something all the time to feel good away from boredom and also the feeling of living a fruitful life doing something meaningful to utilise my time .

I know many of us who are idealistic often are not comfortable doing nothing as we are always wired to keep ourselves busy all the time .

Just visualise yourself waiting at a clinic , or an airport or for an interview. We are so restless having nothing much to do that either we fiddle with the phone , read something or listen to music . Basically we don’t sit idle for even few minutes just sitting  calmly doing nothing .

The whole idea behind “ dolce far Niente “ and “ Nisken “

Is not to keep running on the treadmill of activities all the time rather experience some free moments just to live in the present.

Just being mindful of the present moment doing nothing is a new mantra for relaxing and living a stress free life .

To chill out , sit down or turn off from

any distractions , take a drink a enjoy the nature , listen to the pitter patter of rain drops , feel the breeze on the face and just smile to self ….

I am free yet I am busy
Even though I am doing nothing
Not that I planned to do so
It’s just that I want to
I am sitting next to my window
Watching the sun go down
I am listening to the chirping birds
Going back to their homes
I can feel the breeze of the sea
On my face which makes me alive
I am lazing aimlessly
indulging in my heart’s desire
Yes I am free yet I am very busy
Busy doing nothing for a change
Feeling the joy from within
And counting my heartbeats
Going along the flow of life
For a change I am indulging in self
I am free yet I am busy
Today I am doing absolutely nothing!

Madhumita Sinha

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