Saturdays With Shivani- Let Negativity Be Our Chisel and Hammer

A newborn child is often compared with a mound of clay and the parents and teachers are the potters. As we grow older, we tend to absorb the influences around us which get catalogued somewhere in the crevices of our subconscious. Like a sculptor’s hammer and chisel, these experiences carve our personalities.

While with some circumstances we may have no choice but with time we learn to filter what reaches us and for the rest we pick consciously some over others. As grown ups we also have another power- the power to choose how we let these influences affect us.

As I sift through my life, I have another hypothesis that I want to propose. Whenever something good happens to us or when our wavelength matches with the people around us, we tend to assume that we deserve it all. As a consequence, we gobble them up without processing it much. However, if anything hits us that goes against our fibre, we try to pummel it down. We question it vehemently and metabolise it at a much slower pace. The good times are ephemeral but the bad ones seem to settle on us like the moss on stones until it we crack open.

The negativity of the past few months has been unprecedented. We weren’t prepared for it and we don’t even know yet the extent of the damage that it will bring in its wake. I haven’t stepped out of the house for five months and that’s showing on me. I have been feeling extremely stuck and have been wallowing in it for quite a while. Until I shook myself out of it and pondered over it.

I am not going to rant on a weekend so to cut a long story short, all I want to say that if negativity is relentless, then might as well let’s chew on it mindfully. May we permit the negative experiences to chisel us into shape. May we allow them to work on us and for us. Let us not fight them into making us bitter but allow them to make us a better version of ourselves.

Love and light.

Dr. Shivani Salil

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