Live Your Light

Many times we have heard or read that ‘Be your own light, crave your own path’, but how to do this is where we lag the most. Last few months have been a roller coaster ride for me. You just name the issues and I will nod my head in affirmation for almost all of them. Life came to a standstill be it professional, personal, societal or my passion. My plate of life was overflowing with troubles of all kinds, thereby exploiting my physical, mental and emotional health. A time came when I was about to give up all my hopes and desires to live. Living the new normal owing to this lock down never felt a burden for me, but back to back setbacks reduced me to just numerous pieces of broken hope.

Anxiety started to engulf me with her tentacles and when it hit me the hardest, I resolved to take control of it with care and concern of my near and dear ones. I paused my daily regimen and started pondering over the fact that what was missing. Through guidance from a few close ones with whom I bare my heart out, I realised that the light of hope which I was sharing with every person who touched my life was somehow diminishing in my life. Not because of sharing it with others, but the fact that I was somehow unconsciously still relying my worth on the people in my life and their perception about me. That moment of realisation motivated me in moving in the oath of reclaiming myself. Slowly my body started recovering thereby my mental and emotional health. With this I want to share with you all, no matter how tough the situation is, just focus on the light that you have in yourself and it will guide you even in adverse situations. For what we believe is what we achieve.

I believed that I am complete in myself, thereby paving a path from being a light to a lighthouse for myself and for all.


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