Feminism- The Way It Changed My Perception Of The World

It was three years ago, when a curious fourteen-year old me came across the book. “Misogynation” by Laura Bates- the founder of the ‘Everyday Sexism Project’. As an avid reader, I was constantly looking for new books from different avenues that would push past my comfort zone; and having recently stepped into the world of social media where people openly discussed ideologies such as feminism and the like, I was curious to know more.

The book consists of an eye-opening collection of essays written by Bates;
uncovering the true scale of this prejudice that has carved its niche into every faction of society. The book introduced me to the harsh realities of the “modern” world- the challenges that women face in every sphere of their lives, the glass ceilings that exist on their freedom, and the sexism that runs bottom-up in our society; systemic,
ingrained and ignored.

Eager to know more, I swiftly made my way through countless videos, articles, and websites; exhausting all sorts of sources that taught me about the feminist movement, outcomes of sexist preconceptions and how such an outlook continues to pre-determine a woman’s life.

It was with this outpour of information that I began my journey as a fierce feminist; determined to un-endingly educate myself about the plight of women, to extend this knowledge to those around me in a positive way, and to discuss this social issue on both public and private forums. I realised the true importance of empowerment of women, and the need for them to fight for a place equal to men in today’s patriarchal community.

In the words of Mackenzi Lee- “You deserve to be here. You deserve to exist. You deserve to take up space in this world of men.”

Aditi Malhotra

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