The Lord God Made Them All. By James Herriot. I have been re reading all his books which I have with me. And this is the last one. I have been mesmerized by the magic of his wonderful stories of cows,cats,pigs and dogs, some painful deaths, some miraculous recoveries, his little children growing up, his wonderful trips to Russia and Turkey and the very interesting characters who live in the Yorkshire dales. His life as a vet is tough, gruesome, but richly rewarding. He is so full of warmth and love and humor and humility that you can’t help loving him. His world is very different from the world of today. And we must be thankful that he preserved it for us in his fabulous books.

Unbelievable. A 2019 American drama miniseries is about a series of rapes that took place in Washington state and Colorado between 2008 and 2011. This investigative series is absolutely outstanding. It is less about catching the rapist and more about how a rape victim has to be treated by the police. Marie Adler, the first victim is forced to retract her complaint and say that she wasn’t raped, owing to some tough and cold questioning. The other cases handled by women detectives reveal that compassion and understanding are necessary elements of a rape investigation. The performances are top notch and this is a series you should not miss.

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