If it is pivotal to feel happy in life, so is the need to appreciate and value ourselves. These days most of the people are prone to the habit of underestimating themselves, the inferiority syndrome is catching people like a widely spread flu. In this tough and horrid time that the whole world is going through, we need to realise that our potential is unlimited, and we can do anything provided we work for it with greatest of determination and affirmation.

Affirmation has the capacity to put in action our sub-conscious mind and making it believe that we can do wonders in life. A tried and tested technique for this which I did was affirming repeatedly that I can improve my health, hence my sub-conscious mind formed a picture of a healthy version of me, eventually my routine got adjusted like that and I ended up improving a lot of my health both physically and mentally.

So always try to affirmation for each action of yours then incorporating it daily in your life, after a passage of time you will see having wonders in your life. On the path to your goals, you will be facing a lot of negative ideas and vibes, the only thing that you have to do for this is to completely avoiding to identify with such thoughts, let them come and go.

We must learn to use our sub-conscious mind as our loyal servant and not as a cunning master. It needs patience and persistence from our side, but once we do it our goals will come closer to us by number of miles provided we maintain the crucial balance of neither underestimating nor overestimating ourselves.


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