Atithi Tum Kab Jaogey?
Avinash Gujral

To keep my sanity intact during these trying times, I have devised a strange way. I start brooding over many ‘insane and quirky’ ideas. Here is one example.

Somehow for the past many days, I am reminded of the title of a Hindi movie that came some ten years ago. “Atithi Tum Kub Jaoge” i.e., Guest (read unwelcome and unwanted) when will you go away. So I have started comparing ‘Corona virus’. To the unwanted and uninvited guest. The problem of unwanted guests is quite common in India. We have to throw so many hints that they are not welcome. Sometimes we have to make false excuses also to get rid of them. But sooner or later, they go away. But Corona virus seems to be a very thick-skinned guest. Not to talk of veiled hints, we are openly insulting it.

Avoiding it by wearing masks, slamming our doors shut right in its face….but it is such a shameless creature—nothing is working on it. I feel like giving a good dressing down to it saying, “If you’re devoid of any self respect, at least have some shame, otherwise we’ll have to take some drastic steps.,.invent some ‘vaccine’ or ‘cure’ to drive you out. Better go before that and save your face.”

May sanity prevail on this stubborn guest!

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