My truth: from a confused child to writer with a purpose!

People ask me when I started writing. Honestly, I don’t remember when I didn’t. I always loved scribbling visual stories on the blackboard that my grandfather bought for me. Then I started maintaining my personal diary which I then called Terry because I had a huge celebrity crush on Terence Lewis. But I never thought that writing would make me stand out or become my identity because it felt so natural that I thought maybe it was something which was just a part of my life, like breathing. The first time that my work got published in a newspaper, I was in middle school still trying to figure out who I am.

My confusion, my introverted nature and my teenage troubles fell in place and I kept writing and the world reciprocated. Since then I have written for a lot of different magazines, newspapers and journals nationally and internationally besides writing books. Awards and media coverage followed, but my truth never changed. I write like I breathe because I can’t live without breathing. That’s my truth, nothing else matter


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