The new normal, COVID 19 gave me a chance to validate, who I thought I could be versus who I really can be. Life is made up of infinite choices, not everyone gets a chance to showcase the courage, confidence, clarity they possess. Ours is an organization which caters pure drinking water to communities at affordable cost indiscriminately. Calling ourselves essential workers and emergency responders at this hour, we choose to work, adding another layer of burden and responsibility with new difficulties, challenges amidst rising risks.

Facing myriad of quick transitions, breaking stress, the only concern has always been to choose the most effective way to support the community at large to lead a life in a healthy and meaningful way. The real big task we faced was driving high performance with continuous expression of concern (on professional and personal front) for my employees.

To successfully adapt and thrive in this new normal, we can’t simply react to the issue as it occurs, I am working extra hours to deal with all the additional responsibilities that came with this outbreak. We look at our employees’ overall health apart from ensuring they are effectively able to do their work.

On the personal front, children at home are filled with boundless energy and hardly any outlet to expend it. Positive parenting, accepting the reality as it is, respecting flaws of family members and validating emotions can pave the way to balance professional and personal lives.

Added to all, I am blessed to have the solid support of a lovely guy by my side always, MY HUSBAND Mr. Praveen Banandur – huge thanks to him.

My suggestion to women working and trying to thrive in times of crisis, more than your physical wellbeing, your mental wellbeing is crucial. On priority, designate a compulsory time slot to children and family.

Finally, I conclude saying, there is a lot of planning and organisation one can do to make a huge difference, proud to say our organisation is successful in operating 300 plus drinking water kiosks with running condition 24/7 across Karnataka at this crisis hour claiming huge impact on communities’ wellbeing and health.

We realize it is critical for us to remain on duty and we work behind the scenes without most realising how essential we are to keep society fit and functioning.

I have every reason to celebrate my choice of being in the water domain!


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