A short, engaging story to boost our positivity during these times by our very own and dear Avinash Gujral

“Light at the end of the tunnel “– a very positive thought during this period of uncertainty and darkness—- but obsessed as I am with the distant past (my way of avoiding the present reality and fighting lockdown blues), the mere mention of ‘tunnel’ sent me to my childhood days. I had read a very humorous story of a small boy who was travelling from Kalka to Simla by train.

The train was passing through many tunnels –some short and some long. The boy was having a bowl of “Rasgullas” before him. Every time the train entered the tunnel, the passenger sitting on the opposite seat stole one or two “rasgullas” and gulped them down. The boy sensed it but as he was too small to express, he would start crying and parents thought he was crying due to darkness. Number of “rasgullas” was getting lesser and lesser with each passing tunnel. But it so happened that one tunnel happened to be very short and the thief was caught red handed or rather ’rasgulla handed‘ as the light at the end of the tunnel came too soon.

Now, how do I relate this story to the present scenario–‘Rasgullas’ our positive thoughts and we must safeguard them—no Corona can ever make our bowl of positivity empty.

Stay safe, stay healthy!!!

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