Self-care matters

In the present scenario when the whole world is surviving this pandemic at their own level, we all are doing our best to tackle the situation, but self-care is what most of us ignore. As the saying goes, we can only give what we have – we can love someone only if we have love in our hearts, so to care for our near and dear ones, we need to first take care of ourselves.

We can do this by:

Start with self-care: As we are going through the loss of our normal life, our routine, some of us our even losing their jobs, so to tackle this emotional thunderstorm we need to avoid the terms profit, perfect and seek for patience and persistence in our small goals be it a conversation with a dear friend or a few minutes’ walk. Avoid being involved in an emotional roller coaster, maintain your sleep cycle, try to process your emotions, you can do meditation and remembering that to manage the basics is good enough. Try to take care of every aspect of your health be it emotional, physical or mental.

Take things easy: Try to do things which can make you feel good and energetic as in my case it’s writing, gardening and baking or solving puzzles, listening to some uplifting music. Sitting in silence for a few minutes and deep breathing, do anything that keeps your attitude positive because coping up with this social isolation is not easy.

Ask and give support: It’s a very bad time for those women who are already going through abusive marriages, bad relationships or those who are living all alone etc so its OK to ask for help from friends and family and if things are not getting sorted then seeking professional help from counsellors and mental health experts is a prerequisite step. Also, help people around you by hearing their sorrows sometimes this is all they need. Try to show compassion for all till it becomes a part of your life.

Try to spread love and kindness: all around you be it through your social media and ask people about their well-being as the whole world is going through this pandemic and we all need people around us who can care and support each other. The more you support the more you will heal.

Avoid news that induces panic and anxiety in you even if it’s necessary to be updated with the current happenings, but you need to know where to draw the line. Keep faith in yourself and nature for it is the only thing that can help us sail through this time because this too shall pass soon.

Stay safe and positive as the saying goes. Tough times never last, but tough people do.


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