Parijat – The Night Jasmine

In love with this obscure flower since my childhood
autumn months filled my lane with her fragrance divine
allured by its beauty and intoxicated by it’s scent
I stood under that tree many a times
in awe of its beauty, colour and many tell-tales
I vow to have one such tree in my own garden one day.

Parijat – a tree from heaven as they say
ethereal flowers with provoking fragrance.
The Gods who themselves were smitten by her beauty
fought amongst themselves to lay a claim.
Harsingar she is called too , a blossom fit for Gods
a pin wheel flower with white corolla petals
saffron stalk to the centre, replicating the sun.

My grandmother told me once
of a beautiful legend of a one sided-love.
Love between princess Parijat and the Sun
when the Sun refused her love
the princess couldn’t take the rejection
She killed herself to prover her love for him
and thus this tree rose from her ashes.

Thus she now blooms only in the night
and as the dawn approaches
her withered flower fall like teardrops,
she sheds them as soon as the sun is up,
loathing the sight of her lover who never loved her.
Parijat – The Night Jasmine
I vow to have one such tree in my own garden one day.

©Preeti S Manaktala

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