When you are your best company

Our worlds have shrunk to the smallest physical dimensions within our homes during the lockdown times. The first few days there were a lot of excitement, the spouses dividing the house work , cooking , cleaning etc etc Children doing their bit , lot of family time , movies , games etc etc but after a few weeks the same individuals are ready to tear each other apart , shouting , arguing and even fighting for some space .well it’s all normal as we can’t stay together locked up for long .

In these times there are other things which can bring some peace and calm like meditation, staying in your own world, spending time with self-introspecting, journaling etc Many times the solutions come up when one is alone.

Living with self is not only a proposition but a much-needed option to have our own mental space for more clarity amidst chaos around. Sometimes being alone is not being lonely and we can fill ourselves as company for self.

I learnt this from my Father who lives alone at the age of 83 and does fruitful things to fill his time for his own company and personal growth.

There is a misconception that being alone in dreadful and depressing all the time contrary to the fact that being alone sometimes can be cathartic. Someone once said you can’t be alone if you are with your thoughts.

One who is happy in solitude can reflect on life better and introspect deeper.

Marilyn Monroe, one said “I restore myself when I am alone “.

Even-though these are tough times we can overcome them through strong will and positivity. Last year I wrote a poem for an anthology “lyrical dew drops “out of total five anthologies published by different publishers and editors in 2018 besides my published book . This particular anthology had a poem of mine “Nirvana “published in ‘Lyrical dew drops ‘published by Asian literary society. This is indeed one of my favourite poems hence I wish to add it here and also very relatable in the present context .

I have enjoyed my aloneness often out of choice sometimes because I had no other choice and sometimes as that was the best option in a given situation without feeling lonely as I have always had my thoughts with me.


In this noisy world
All I look for is some quietude 
The noise outside
The noise inside
All I crave for is some silence
The silence without the chaos
The stillness of mind and soul
Within and outside
As wish to experience
The bliss within
With noise all around
Yet a silence within
A perfect balance
Of mind and body
Somewhat meditative
Being in this world
Living and breathing
Yet disconnected
Is this A state of Nirvana?
Or am I enjoying this bliss
Amidst this chaotic world.


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