Equality is the soul of liberty, each of us need to understand the underlying hidden fad, equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally everyone’s different needs. Equality, gender parity, feminism, are not luxuries to lightly cast aside, they have approached depths in human mindset beyond imagination.

Fueling the flame  to vanish the stigma of inequality, being anxious to be equal is a perpetual threat to status quo, the sentimental error of women being treated inferior has gained superiority paving way to envisage ratification of revoking responsibility.

The race for adapting to corporate culture, urge to become urban legends has significantly changed the women’s equation of economics at the cost of putting men in devastating effect of making them doubt their own potential. Today’s scenario of women empowerment reaching threshold of feminism priority has created sweeping strides in equal ratio of education attainment and workforce participation, pushing every parent to prepare society ready girl to face anything, what about our boys, y are we failing to create structured shouldering for men to handle empowered girls, we are celebrating women’s progress failing to  address the phase of transition boy is fighting within. Everyone has the courage to raise the daughter more like a son, most of them stepping back to raise sons more like daughters. Which needs a paradigm shift in conceived notion of son and daughter.

Contemporary society is just crawling delve into true distinction between men and women, let us make younger generation understand making a deeper impact the word equality demands meticulous unpacking of feelings, delicate navigation of social norms, unbinding the wreck of ecstatic emotions, shift in cultural dynamics in women. And in men, articulating the agony, intersection of interests, ability to handle the inter related ethincity. He and she in certain respects are quite equal and quite unequal, too much interference to enforce sameness can effect both at work, at home, as parents and as partners. Biological and environmental influence on same can change the direction of decision blurring the beautiful boundaries.

Differences are definitely not deficiencies, to flourish we need to harness the harmony between man and woman. Collective well being matters more than quality of men or women and the equality equation.

Dear gorgeous girls , lovely ladies, wonderful women, Bold boys, handsome men

Prove that masculine strength can be used to slay the demons around ,and feminine power to nurture the godliness around and within. Learn to live up to your potential .Accept, appreciate and respect male and female counterparts, Gender difference gap cannot be closed permanently, it fluctuates with understanding, growing , sharing responsibilities, situations and mindsets.

Gender is a spectrum, where you fall is your ability, economic imperative should hire and promote talents immaterial of gender, fight the battle to Winn the war of talent. Men and women are two sides of single coin, not wise to compare in terms of abilities in all fields.

Gender equality should be the goal in itself, a precondition for meet the challenge of reducing poverty and promote sustainability , no man or woman should have power over each other but over themselves. Equality lies in human dignity, care should be taken not to end up making man feminine and women masculine.

Accept the similarities, respect the differences . Have the courage to visualize Each for equal in a meaningful way.

Chinnmaye Praveen

(Entrepreneur and social activist)

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