We women live many lives : of a mother , wife , sister , daughter , friend, boss , mentor and many more and in the process we tend to neglect ourselves and place all our desires ,wants and even health on the back burner, thinking that we will attend to them sometime soon. But that seldom happens, and eventually we burn ourselves out and our identity too .

I still see myself as that 23 year old girl who got married 19 years ago. With so many aspirations, dreams and visions, all slowly started fading away… Now with silver in my hair , freckles on my face , fine lines under my eyes ,I wonder why didn’t I act on my instincts, why did I not cross a few lines, why did I not put myself first, why did I not rebel and took a few stands? Why ? But , Not any more …

For once we need to turn ourselves into a Narcissist, making Us as the centre of our own attention, give Us some self-importance.

The Narcissist flower symbolizes good wishes ( that you need to wish for yourself ) , faithfulness ( know your wants & needs be faithful to yourself first) and respect ( yourself first by all means),  all this and more that we need to bring , back into our life!

It is time, to fall in love with your own self . It is time, to change the tide. It is time , to let all the silver you earned shine and sparkle.

It is time, to let your freckles be your kaala teeka.

It is time, that not just the fine lines on your face but you must too cross the line and shatter those boundaries.

Be a Narcissist for once !!

The world’s a farce 
a deception.
Each relation you call your own
is a pretention.
Rise above the known
expect no yield of what you have sown.
Sow the narcissus flowers in your garden for once.

Stop living like the spartan.
Survive by the mirrors,
live around the rivers,
turn inward, love thy self,
Lest loose yourself in this rut.
Live thy life on thy own terms.
Sow the narcissus flowers in your garden for once.

Without any guilt 
mankind absorbed its fragrance  
a long long time ago.
What are you waiting for ?
Hear the echo of your inner self,
love thy self before you love the other.
So, just for once –
Sow the narcissus flowers in your garden !

© Preeti S Manaktala 

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