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#Success has many factors involved with the pivotal one being greater players. I consider that # are four pillars on which success can withstand in our life.

For instance, in a seed there has to be a desire’ to bloom like a flower by giving it the right support of decision, determination and discipline. Once we have the desire, we need to take a decision that requires our #willpower to get into action. After that during action, we have to be #determined and persistent in our efforts even if we get limited results. At the end, discipline must be imbibed as it helps in keeping us on the right path of our #goal.

It gives us the clarity of thoughts and the #road to our destination, our goal which can be anything from excelling in a creative pursuit to being a topper in our class etc.

Once we decide to do something, we immediately need to take action before the fire in us starts diminishing. Rightly put by Thomas Jefferson: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” If we think about it calmly then we can easily recall the instances where we got #opportunities in our way that helped us a lot in moving ahead towards our goal. That kind of alchemy is the result of our persistent efforts and discipline. As my desire to write and voice out my opinions was fueled when my letters were accepted in the leading English #newspaper. Since then there has been no looking back.

It’s more like if we really want something in our life we can work on it else we will find an #excuse in various things. It’s the biggest irony of everyone’s life. Remember to incorporate these four D’s in your life as they encompass every other thing that gives it’s due in taking us towards our goal.

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