I am the one who doesn’t believe in having a New Year resolution as for me improving ourselves is a lifelong process.

Last year was a complete roller coaster for me be it my profession, passion and personal life. A lot of ups and downs were there and it all ended well towards the end, but with a catch. The catch was to accept the criticism that came in my way. Hence, 2019 became very special for me as it was the year that created a base for my ability to embrace the criticism that I received.

After thinking it over and rationalising it, I realised that there are certain good aspects about receiving criticism. First, it introduces us to our worth and thereby helps us get a better understanding of ourselves. Hence, keeping us informed that we all are not immune to committing mistakes. It made me more compassionate and humble in my daily life. Secondly, we must be aware of those who keep singing our praises even when we know that we are wrong. For they are the one who are stagnating our growth by keeping us in a bubble that we are perfect.

As rightly put by American activist Malcolm X: “If you have no critics, you will have no success.” Also, a point to always keep in mind that criticism happens only to those who have a mettle to achieve everything they desire on their own. Even the history is evident of it that all the great minds who worked hard to improve the quality of our life and the standards of society were appreciated only after they were gone. So we all should be grateful to those who give their critical reviews about us and our work even if they are enviously critical or genuinely critical. Both these types of critics are fueling our growth in one way or the other.


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