My note of appreciation

Hi I am Aadvik Beri and I am 10 years old

Like everybody else. I also love my family a lot. I would like to appreciate my father as a playmate and as my best friend. We play a lot of games together and I really enjoy playing with him.
On weekends, he spends the whole morning playing with me.
But this year in July/ Aug, due to constant rains in Hyderabad I could not play. The rains in Hyderabad made the ground so wet that it would take3-4 hours for the ground to dry and within an hour it used to start raining again. I just love playing sports like Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, etc. As you all can see, my list only includes outdoor sports, which was a problem. Well my problem didn’t last long as my father encouraged me to play Table Tennis. I was interested in Table Tennis, as soon as I played my first game.
The only, Table Tennis table in club house was broken. So, my father started playing with me on the dining table, but there was no net. But he soon solved that problem and ordered a net from Amazon. Now thanks to my father I am able to play a new indoor sport. Now, every evening, after he returns from work, we both play. Since it is indoor, we can play till late. I really love my Father and appreciate the efforts he tales to play with me. I know he is trying to make me happy. I will also be a good boy and make him Proud and Happy.

Now, if you are wondering about the person who taught me the habit of appreciating people. Well, I would like to tell you, it was my Mother. My Mother taught me to be grateful and show gratitude for what I have and what people give me.

Aadvik Beri – 10 years old

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