There is much pride in what I do.
I believe in respect and self worth,
Much like most would do.
Sometimes I’m grateful,
And sometimes not so much.
But in my routine of living
There is no time, to think or stop.

The world I live in, has security.
Secure? How?
We all have the answer…
Friends, job and family.
I earn a living and come back home
To eat, love, pray,
And maybe spend time alone.

People I meet, most of us,
Talk about events.
Parties, marriages, bad bosses or just life.
Over and over again we hear the same stories
Of romance, promotions,
Stories husbands or wives.

The give and take on social media.
The thrill captured in pictures
Or memories dished out as throwbacks.
Ah! Someone else’s life looks so worth it.
What am I doing with mine?

Come to think of it.
What am I worth?
My job or title?
The money I have or the possessions I’ve made?
Come to think of it.
The most noblest of professions
Are less paid.

What am I worth?
That’s a questions that keeps coming back.
Am I really secure?
Most often I keep yearning for things I think, I lack.
There is much pride in what I do.
Until now I was sure.
The world however sees it differently.
Can you tell me,
What am I worthy of?

Janet Sachdeva

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