When was the last time you laughed out loud instead of texting LOL?

How about the last time you felt real joy instead of texting a happy face?

Can you remember having a heartfelt moment and looking into the eyes of someone you love?

Everywhere you turn, people are connected to mobiles, tablets and other technology.  They rarely look up even to cross the street. Family time is often spent texting, checking social media and answering emails. Even at a restaurant notice how many are connected to tech rather than each other.  Parents conveniently give cell phones and computer tablets to their children to appease them.

Every experience, thought and emotion leave an imprint within our neural networks.  More and more we are imprinting with the digital online world. As time passes, real life drifts away.

While our society teaches us to be happy, we must do more, have more and even be more, many of us are left feeling empty and disconnected from others and from within.  Anxiety and depression are no more uncommon.  We constantly feel the pull to answer every beep and buzz on our phone and we are less able to merely enjoy time to reflect and experience real life in real time.  Sacred time alone reflecting on life and experiences is supplemented by grasping for our cell phones.

Time has its own way of showing us what really matters.  Our life is filled with time and time is filled with moments.  It may sound cliché but at the end of our life, people rarely say, I wish I spent more time on my cell phone or on the computer.

Beyond this demanding world, there is a place and a time to experience real life, the beauty in this world, inspiration and live connection with others. I call these the special, magical moments.  You don’t have to search for the, rather they are engulfed around us.

Ask yourself, “What’s the magical moment in my life?”  It could be anything ~ time with a loved one, watching a sunset, remembering the sound of your baby’s laugh, or reflecting on wisdom someone once shared with you.  Anything that creates the memories and stories of our lives can be a magical moment.

Right now, stop, wait, think and ask yourself, “What’s a magical moment in my life?”  The answer might amaze you. We all can try to find some time (even for a short while) to fit in a little “disconnection” into our overly connected lives.


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