Live your dreams

Each one of us have a thing or two in our mind for which we are ready to do anything and will not budge even if we have to go beyond rules and regulations.

Art in all its forms is one such thing to me with writing, singing, dancing, drawing and cooking as few of my favorites. Since I am from the science background most of my acquaintances get confused between my passion and profession as per them art is only for those who are unable to score well in other subjects. While my reality is quite different from their perception as I scored well in all my exams and topped many a times during school and college. Still my heart always was set on writing as for me it’s the way to express myself, my opinions on the issues plummeting the growth of our society.

My bond with writing can be easily understood by Charlotte Bronte’s quote “I write because I cannot NOT write.” Similar are my feelings, my day is not complete if I have not put my pen to paper. It gives me the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile and the affirmation of my existence. Before I started writing for blogs I use to write letters to the editor of various newspapers about my thoughts on various issues. The journey from there to here was not an easy one. I faced many backlashes, but my urge to continue never faded. Moreover, it grew stronger when my work started getting recognized.

The only reason why I shared this snippet of my life because I want each one of you to stick to your dreams, ambitions and passion in life even if the whole world stands against you. Make your dreams a reality of your life that’s the best thing that we can do for ourselves and be the driving force for those who are hesitating to produce theirs.


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