So far, I have introduced you to those who have been in a business or in a role for several years and who come with a lot of experience. But today, I want to us to cheer for someone who has only just started her journey, who took a bold step by moving away from a comfortable job in the corporate world to the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. Meet  Reshma Subantur, founder of The Bubble Studio – a handcrafted bath and body products company. Reshma was so excited to share her journey with me. I asked her to describe it in one word, but she opted to use two instead and said “challenging and satisfying”. She completed her MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur and worked in the field of HR for over 12 years before she decided to switch tracks and start The Bubble Studio. It helped her bring together her love for natural ingredients and her for passion for creating new things.

Reshma is clear that she does not want to treat it as a hobby and is determined to make it a serious business. She loves the learning and experimenting that comes with the job and feels very charged when her customers appreciate her products and come back for more. She acknowledges that it wasn’t easy to give it all up and start from scratch. She has to now don multiple hats and take care of the end to end process, which can get overwhelming and that is when her family stands by her and gives her the required motivation to get through it all! I asked her to share some tips to those who are contemplating making the move as she did and she says “makes sure you do your homework and get your finances right before taking the plunge. I took a crash course in financial management to brush up my knowledge and it has helped so much. Also price your products taking into consideration your own time and cost” and she finally added “don’t underestimate your capabilities, underplay your strengths and hesitate to get out of your comfort zone.”

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