Let Me Not Forget

I forget…
To sing along with my favourite songs as they play in the background
To capture the sunsets in my camera
To write religiously every day
To take my multi-vitamins

And oh! I often forget…
What I had yesterday for lunch
To call my mom
To wear my favourite perfume as I step out
To ask for my birthday gift
To apply my expensive anti-ageing cream

Yes, I forget…
To remember my newly updated password
To pick up my tea from the microwave after reheating it twice over
To return missed calls or reply to messages
To plan my dress for an upcoming important event

I always forget …
My shopping list at home
To give a piece of my mind to people who hurt me
To work on my repartee
To wish upon a shooting star

Or so I forget…
To update my TBR book list
To take a selfie with a bestie on a reunion
To place an order for the finished apples in the kitchen
To water my plants

I forget…
Which is my left hand and right hand while giving directions
To wear my attitude on my sleeve
To wake up early and meditate
To watch my unfinished program when kids snatch away the remote

I forget…
My aches and pains when duty calls
To love myself each and everyday
To devote some time on myself alone

I often forget…
To nurse my aching back
To exercise
To rest my mind and heart
To recline my seat in an airplane

Err.. I forget…
To eat the chocolate I hid in the closet for myself
To send my submissions on time
To text a friend I miss
What I wanted from my fridge as I stand there with the open door..

But now before I forget..
I must pass my wishes for you before this year ends.
May all your endeavours bear a fruit this year.
May you come alive and live life differently this year.
May you seek the truth with wisdom and faith.
May you be conscious and mindful of all your thoughts and words.
May you worship your own body for a change this year.
May the coming year be introspective and enlightening on all fronts.
Wish you complete what is amiss inside you this year.
May you don’t forget to smile more and a just a little more this year
Happy New Year 2020.

©Preeti S.Manaktala

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