Life, for me, is akin to climbing a ladder to reach the sky, just when we think that after covering many steps we will be able to touch the sheet of clouds, the reality is that the more me escalate, the more we realise we still have many hundreds of miles yet to be covered. It’s a never ending process. So is life. We are in pursuit of something from a purpose to an objective, meaning of our existence or our ikigai.

During our school days, we all use to answer very easily that we want to want to be a doctor, an engineer or a civil servant. These names had the power to be termed as our goal or aim in life. The realisation bestowed on us quite later in life was that these all are nothing but professions through which we are going to earn our daily bread and butter. Moreover, our life doesn’t pause at our profession only as we keep on looking for some new goal for our life; making a bucket list, ticking of the events from it and adding new ones. We keep on adding new goals to it like i will be learning how to drive in this year or how to cook et al. And this pursuit, this journey of taking further steps goes on. Life never presents itself in its fullest view to us. We simply can’t predict what our life will be next year or the year after that. But we keep moving on solely on the basis of presumptions which we all create on the basis of our potential and our faith in capabilities. Sometimes our presumptions prove right while sometimes we face utter disappointments, but still we never stop climbing the ladder. Sometimes we may take wrong directions while climbing the ladder which is nothing but our feeble navigating knowledge and we keep neglecting our decision of taking that route.

Still we don’t want this quest to be over, because the day that happens, life will be over, there will be nothing left in our life, it would stagnate like standing waters of a pond. It’s this incompleteness that pumps us on and to yearn for something new, to strive for something more. It’s good to have some of the routes not taken; it’s thoroughly good to keep the insatiable hunger for something new burning; and it’s good to die with some of our wishes unfulfilled, because that would mean you had been on the go all your life.


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