It is said, to travel, is to take a journey into yourself…and Prachi Garg, founder of GhoomoPhiro, has not only discovered this secret but wants everyone to experience it as well. Through her company, Prachi organizes curated corporate team travel, helps various brands and boards in their digital presence and has recently extended the portfolio to include women solo travel. It is obvious that Prachi loves to travel and so intense was her passion that it pushed her to start her company while she was pursuing her MBA.

The travel and tourism industry in India is thriving, competitive and seasonal. It has taught Prachi to manage uncertainties and stay grounded when things get difficult. I asked Prachi for some insights – what is it like when you have to deal with angry or dissatisfied customers? She explained that it is part of the job – “in the service industry there will always be some who love the experience and some who don’t. I personally speak to clients who have concerns to understand what they did not like and what I can do to make it better. Sometimes talking it out helps, at other times I need to give them freebies to compensate.” There were times, in the early days of starting out, that Prachi personally bore the cost of trips when her customers were not happy and the same customers went on to recommend so many others later.

According to Prachi “challenges makes the journey beautiful and forces us to be creative in order to sail through them” and for her, the customers’ safety and the quality of experience is of paramount importance. Prachi makes sure she personally verifies and visits every place she recommends to her clients. Her biggest achievements to date are when the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board recognized GhoomoPhiro as their best social media partner and when she was mentioned as one of the top Indian women who made it big online. Prachi strongly believes that “Every lock has a key. Similarly, every problem has a solution” and thinks no matter what, it’s best to keep moving forward and believing in oneself.

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