What’s your IKIGAI !

What’s your IKIGAI? – Madhumita Sinhawww.thewonderwomenworld.com
#Zen, #Nirvana, #Moksha, #Lagom are some of the magic words the world over, attracting mankind for decades. A new word #IKIGAI is the latest which has caught our fancy. It’s a #Japanese word meaning “the reason to live” A reason to be happy in doing things to make life purposeful. After all aren’t we all running after finding about our sole #purpose of life? We all want to be happy finally and this happiness is so elusive in this fast-paced life.

We do have quick fixes in the times of instant #coffee, #instant noodles and instant everything else for instant happiness by spending money, flaunting expensive cars, going on a luxury cruise or vacation or even meeting good friends but the euphoria dies once these are over suddenly and we start feeling depressed and low. So how can we hold on to a permanent state of bliss amidst so much chaos around our lives, to find the source of ever flowing #happiness?

IKIGAI, the happiness of always being busy is the Japanese concept that is thought to bring meaning to our lives and the answer to a long and happy #life.

Each one of us has a different IKIGAI, we need to search it for ourselves to find our lives to be more #meaningful and hence more #purposeful. We need to find our #passion, #purpose or #mission, #vocation and #profession and find something common among all. Basically following one’s IKIGAI, one doesn’t retire ever from Life till the end as there is something to look forward to. One’s #IKIGAI might keep changing with time also no two people have the same IKIGAI .

Being a disciple of Life, I follow my inner calling to look for my IKIGAI, trying to live in the moment. May be I will get a clear answer someday .
Have you found your IKIGAI?

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