A Spark of Kindness Starts a Fire of LOVE

What better could we, or should we, teach our children but Being Kind?

I would say I live in a bubble of kindness. Children around me have helped me lead with kindness and a smile. I would enter classrooms and do my lesson with the students, which made me feel good, hoping they had a positive takeaway. Meeting children, be it my students or my own son, nieces and nephews, my words were reassuring and my presence, I believe, to be uplifting.

It’s easy to get so caught up teaching your child how to write her letters and how to cut her food with a knife that you forget to teach your child to be kind. But teaching kindness is valuable. Children today are more self-absorbed and less empathetic than they were a decade ago.

The whole world is using the phrase ‘random acts of kindness’. Ever wondered why there is a need to show and learn kindness explicitly? Terms like this are increasing in popularity around the world, as more people identify a deficiency in their lives that can only be fulfilled by selflessness.  Children do not learn kindness by just talking about it or thinking about it. It is all about Action. Kindness is best learned by feeling it so that they can replicate it. Kindness is an emotion that children feel, and empathy is kindness in action.

As adults the least we can do is to perform acts of kindness with our child to teach how to be large-hearted, empathetic, and giving. Random acts of kindness can include simple gesture that brightens someone else’s day. If we purposely spread cheer, kindness will become like second nature to our child. 

In this barbaric time, it is the need that modern education must incorporate more than mere academics, that for children to develop into happy, confident, empathetic individuals, matters of the heart must be taken and nurtured as a matter of priority.

The world is still good my little bundles of joy because you are in it. You are kind. And on days that you have doubted you will see, hear, and feel kindness from your near and dear ones. And on days when your loved ones have doubt, you will show them kindness in return. On days when you forget, I will remind you that you are kind and I believe in you. You are not alone.

Let’s be the ‘I’ in Kind.

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  • Priti Chaturvedi

    Wow! You have beautifully expressed your thoughts. Kindness is in demand or you can say It’s the need of today’s world. How many of us really think of doing something without being selfish to someone else….very rare…. We all should…must start being HUMAN… KIND …..Thanks for such a nice awakening…read…


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