Since Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s brutal rape and murder, a lot of outrage has been going on everywhere.  The same outrage was there after Nirbhaya and Asifa’s brutal rape and murder.  This is a good thing given that society wants the culprits to be punished and the deceased girls to get justice.  We all want that and fast!

But out of all those people who are showing their outrage or protesting, how many can say that they are not part of the gender bias?  How many out of these thousands of Indians can say that they have never been sad on the birth of a daughter, asked the girls to cover up, judged them by their smoking, drinking, partying habits or length of their dress?  Have all of them given the same deadline of coming back home in the night to their sons as they have given to their daughters?  How many of them have dismissed the raging hormones of the boys by stating “Boys will be boys or Men will be men”?

Patriarchy runs deep in our society.  Whenever there is any crime committed on a woman, be it domestic violence or something as brutal as rape and murder, fingers are pointed at her.  She is questioned, asked to adjust with the male mindset, keep quiet for the sake of family’s honour, and so on.

Before protesting for any such reason, everyone should first look within their family, their conscience and once they can eliminate the tiniest trace of patriarchy they can rightfully demand for justice for other girls/women.

Everyday thousands of women in India are victims of domestic violence, gender bias, judgmental attitude, molestation, rape, acid attack, being killed in the wombs, being not given equal opportunities as the boys, being burnt for dowry, or dumped and killed after being raped.  Also, so many women silently bear the brunt of emotional abuse too.

Only punishing the culprits is not going to solve these heinous acts.  The root cause, i.e., patriarchal attitude of both men and women needs to be eliminated first. 

“Practice what you preach before you try to teach it to someone else.”


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