Life exists in little things


In this fast-paced life, everyone is running a mad race trying to excel in everything they do. The joy of enjoying and valuing the little things that make our life worth living is missing. The never-ending anxiety followed by constant questions with why, when, where keep our mind occupied leaving it with no time to ponder over the mere reason of our existence.

Few years back when I joined my job, I got an opportunity to learn about the varied perspectives of my colleagues and subordinates which ultimately helped me in realising that Life is not a race and not everyone is on the same level of it. Some were dealing with the issues of their nagging children while few were worrying about not having one.

Their life exists only in their cubicle because that is the only place where they make money. They forget that the real pleasures of life exists in the morning greetings by children, the warm smile of elders and their umpteen blessings. The waft of fresh air during early morning walk at park where the flowers shine with fresh dew drops on them, the crackling sound when the fallen leaves gets crushed under our feet. Helping a stranger in crossing the road, buying food for the homeless people on the roundabouts. Seeing the spark in the eyes of a vegetable seller while buying fruits and vegetables from him without any bargaining, I can assure you that his smile can convert even the gloomiest of your mood into a cheerful smile.

As aptly said by my favourite character Winnie the Pooh “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” So is life my friends though complicated by our thoughts and hectic because of our schedule, yet it is full of happiness in various little things.

Keep enjoying life for it is your foremost duty and then you will find umpteen joy all around even in bus full of people and their mixed conversations.

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