Their company is called The Word Salad. They are a high-quality content services firm. Be it blogs, reports, social media content, speeches, mailers, books, social media, ideation or website content, they research, conceptualize and execute all kinds of content for any kind of domain/industry.  Here’s a quick Q&A session with these creative and charismatic wonder women!

The three of us had always accepted that there was glaring hole in the content marketing and strategy industry. There were either SEO writers who just specialised in stuffing an article with keywords, or the high-end content producers who   were too expensive and did not customise their voice to suit the client.   We thought, “Hey, we are experienced, professional and strategic writers and we   can help entrepreneurs put out their voice in the way it’s meant to be heard.”   And so, the Word Salad was born.         

Preeti Athri is the Dress Up Salad Specialist. She can add spunk to any copy with the use of her words, much   like how a tangy dressing adds life to a limp bowl of salad.       

Rhituparna Mitra is the Sprout Salad Specialist. She churns out a healthy piece of content after a lot of research and delivers a copy with impact every single time.      

Priya Iyer Vyas is the Pickled Salad Specialist. She has a data crunching and copy-editing eye and can transform a boring piece of content into a fresh  avatar just like the way pickled elements change the dimension of a salad.     

How has your journey been so far? How long have been doing what you are doing?

We started our groundwork, got our goals and vision in place about a year back. We have officially been in business for about six months now.

Our journey so far has been like visiting a street food market. We have tried to be adventurous and tasted all kinds of assignments and dealt with different types of clients with interesting results.

Tell us about your inspiration, achievements, regrets and lessons learned.

We get inspired from each other and other women entrepreneurs around us.

Our biggest achievement is founding the company itself and taking on each day while managing home and our hobbies. 

We regret not starting the Word Salad earlier.

The learnings continue each day. Most importantly, we have learnt that marketing our own brand is also crucial. Whenever we disagree amongst ourselves, we agree to disagree and then to agree again.

Example of difficult situations at work and how you tackled it.

Our challenge often lies in convincing clients that writing content requires a lot of thought. Even if it is just ‘two lines’ there is a lot of brainwork that goes behind it. Content unfortunately, is not a tangible product, but a brand or entrepreneur cannot be out there with bad content. We are finding new ways to tackle this challenge daily.

How do you unwind or what do you do when the going gets tough?

We read, have good discussions, spend time with our kids and laugh together!

What would you suggest to those who want to follow in your path (those who want to take up the same career or initiative)?

You must know your worth before you step into the game. Demand your price and learn as you go.

What is your message to all the women reading this feature?

Believe in your dream. Nothing comes overnight. Have a solid vision and imagine yourself at the peak of success. Even if you don’t reach the peak, you will well be on your way there, more enriched than from where you began.

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