Meet Lavanya Ashok, if there was a way to fill a bottle with her energy and zest for life – I would make sure to take a lifetime supply! An Executive Director in a leading Global Financial Services firm and a new mother to twin boys, Lavanya says she is at that point in life where her “productive-professional self and twin-mom self, have been forced to befriend each other”. To her, success at work means to be a thoughtful bridge between capital and ideas and at home, to joyfully and unconditionally be there for her loved ones. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone Lavanya feels inspired by – because of how beautifully Ruth has led her life and achieved professional success without forsaking familial bliss.

Lavanya says making her debut as a Bharatanatyam soloist at the age 31 and closing a stellar exit from a profitable investment for her firm the day before she delivered her twin boys are her biggest achievements so far. As with everyone, there are some days Lavanya feels “everything is going to come crashing down” all around her, but she reminds herself and wanted all of you to remember that “each of us carries within ourselves a potential to create both ripples and waves – every act counts and matters, so live your bliss!”

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