With the onset of the festival season, the never-ending struggle of having our home in a spick and span condition begins. We leave no stone unturned in decking up our abodes by spending a lot of money. But somehow, we end up getting too engrossed in these activities that we forget to realise and embrace the real essence of it.

In my opinion, it is mainly about rekindling and rejuvenating our relationships with our friends and family, neighbours and relatives which has lost its sheen owing to our hectic lifestyles. Each and every festival, be it Holi or Diwali, Lohri or Christmas is meant to bring happiness not only in our life but everyone else’s life too!

  • Fun and frolic with our kith and kin while oozing the fragrance of love
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations and making memories from them
  • Savouring lip-smacking food and having friendly banters over them
  • Tackling the differences in opinions without letting them affect our pious bonds
  • Ignoring the flaws and embracing the uniqueness in all our bonds
  • Allowing all the negativity from our relations to leave forever
  • Loving everyone sans any expectations and hidden motives
  • Supporting each other in the various tides of time

This Diwali let’s burn our egos and light diyas of love and mutual understanding. Let’s spread garlands of care and concern and and let the fervour of festivities stay in our hearts forever.

For no ostentatious gathering, sumptuous food, eye catchy decorations can provide the feeling of togetherness than the love and warm feelings that we can possess in our hearts for everyone.

Let’s pledge to have a Dil-wali Diwali by garnishing our relationships with love, happiness, faith and belief.


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