You meet someone after a long time and all he/she says is “Gosh!  You have put on so much weight.  You should do something.  You know you will look and feel better.  You might die of diabetes.  Do something!”  You are pregnant and someone quips, “You know my relative’s child was born with birth defects.  She was shattered.”

I remember when my father had a heart attack, people would come and start suspecting the doctors.  They would tell my mother, “You know these doctors only want to earn big bucks.  Just check whether they have really inserted a stent or not.  You know despite the stents patients don’t survive for long.”

All this sounds so familiar, isn’t it?  Most Indians don’t know where to keep quiet, where to say what, and more than what to say what not to say.  Generally, people are more curious about what’s happening in other’s life.  If someone is sad, is going through a bad time, instead of helping them with positive words most people focus on the negative.  Instead of helping it causes even more anxiety!

I believe if you don’t have words to express, simply keep quiet!  It’s better than scaring the already scared person or disturbing the already disturbed person.

Be helpful, be kind and weigh your words before you speak.

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