Meet Ruchika Sethi, HR Enablement Leader and Director at Ernst & Young. For those of you who’ve met Ruchika, you’ll know what I mean when I say she is a bundle of energy. There is always a spring in her step, a witty comeback and warmth in her words. I asked her how she does it – how can one be such an optimist all the time? Does she not have bad days? Does nothing get her down? Pat comes her reply “Life throws up one or the other challenge at us nearly every single day. But I rarely allow a personal or professional challenge to drag me down! I may feel down and out for a while but I always try to focus on the opportunities that those challenges present me with”. She goes on to share that at the moment, her biggest personal achievement is to have realized her dream of living and working overseas with her family. And on the professional front “it is being able to juggle two equally challenging roles that I’ve been playing over the past year as the organization goes through a transformational agenda.”

She draws inspiration from her mother and husband – one taught her endless lessons in resilience and the other teaches her patience and reminds her to live in the moment! Ruchika strongly believes that in life, you can either ‘cry’ or ‘try’! By replacing the complaining and cribbing with trusting and giving it all – one can come out triumphant. As with all my wonder women, I asked Ruchika to sign off with a message to the women reading this…she chooses to quote from her favorite poem “don’t quit when things go wrong as they sometimes will…when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill…”

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