According to the surveys – India has the highest numbers of suicides among youth. The research also says, women are twice as likely to suffer from mental illness as compared to men because of various issues which make them more vulnerable. Besides counselling and psychiatric treatment I feel each one of these patients also needs someone open their hearts and share their pain before it’s too late .

This is year the focus is on suicide prevention and my poem is an appeal to all to help people around them going through their tough times at least by hearing them out and lessening their sufferings so that no life is lost in silence.

On days not too good
When I am lonely and sad
I have no one around
I hide my sobs in my bosom
Holding my tears in welled up eyes

My life feels worthless
As I find none to share my despair
I look up to you for your grace
When I know my life is in mess
And I don’t want to continue more
O God please would you hear me out

When my spirits are low
And my face doesn’t have it’s radiant glow
Wonder how I manage to pretend and show

In this lonely world
I am fighting alone
Even though I am tired and shattered
I don’t want to break down
And let the world see me frown
As I wait to come back home
To hide under the cover, my storms
I scream my lungs out
And weep until I fall asleep
All alone away from the world
There is no one to comfort me around
When I am frightened and lay curled
I know I am just alone in this bad world
Even though there are so many around

I am tired of faking anymore
I am tired of masking my woes
Please save me from drowning
Into despair and depression
And take me near the shore

I am tired of my muted existence
With my dead emotions
And shattered dreams
But do have endless voices within
Some weak and Some meek
Could you hear me out please ?

No matter how bright is the sun
No matter how colourful is the rainbow
My soul is painted dark
Without a tinge of brightness
Which could brighten me up somehow
If Only I had some one to share my pains
Who could help me turn my silence into words
Who could translate my blanks into meanings
Who could give voice to my struggles
To make me feel that I am not alone
Could someone hold my hands
And hear me out please ?

I am not dead yet
I am very much alive
please help me out
And hear me out
I wish to live my life
I don’t wish to die

Madhumita Sinha

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