Look around you, look at social media; everyone is happy, colourful, rich, surrounded by friends and relatives and you envy them, believe that their life is perfect.  The people in those posts have no problems in life.  They have good health, money, friends, a very active social life, “besties” and you feel like a loser, like you are lagging behind in this race.

Have a heart-to-heart chat with most of them and you will see that everyone is battling their own demons, fighting their own battles.  Not every battle is a big one, but even those small battles are tough.  People, in general, have become lonely.  Long work hours, nuclear families with no support system, everyone happy in their own small space, keeping in touch through technology, people becoming more selfish and self-centred, is somewhere making people bereft of the human touch.

Everyday I see so many women pouring their heart out in front of thousands of strangers in moms’ and women’s groups.  So many women have reached out to me crying or feeling depressed.  All are strangers.  People feel safer venting out their emotions in front of strangers rather than sharing it with their own family or friends.  They fear being judged, they fear being scrutinized, they fear hurting their parents.

Mental health is not taken seriously in our country.  People hide their emotions, they hide the fact that they are depressed, sad, angry, lonely, hurt.  Going to a counsellor or psychotherapist is still a taboo.  No wonder we see so many angry, hurt, sad, lonely, depressed people all over.

But when anyone asks, “How have you been?”  everybody says “I’m fine”.”


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