Carpe Diem

Life is a beautiful present that we all must enjoy in the present time. For we can’t alter the past events and thinking about it will destroy our present and will certainly pave our way to a gloomy future.

From time immemorial numerous writers, preachers, religious heads et al are saying the same thing. But we all are so busy and so used to living with our burdens from the past, worries for the future that we end up wasting our life.

The moment in which are alive, the second at which we are taking breath are the only things that make us eligible as a living being. And I am the kind of person who believes in walking the talk, hence this Latin aphorism ‘Carpe Diem‘ which roughly translates into ‘seize the day’.

After facing and dealing with numerous incidents of backstabbing and betrayal since school days to getting judged because of my mature and scientific thinking. I came out of the stage of anxiety and anger when I use to think ‘Why me?’ and believe that ‘It must be my fault.’ Today, after changing my perception about life, I strongly concord with the point that life is all about the present.

Being human, it will be hard to forget certain things, so consider them as an occasional visitor instead of giving them the permanent ownership of your mind. From thinking of myself as a ‘tragedy queen’ to ‘woman with a mind of her own’…I have come a long way in my life by valuing all those experiences as precious ones rather than sobbing over them.

Believe in yourself, be the master of your thoughts, beautify your life by living only in the present and then you can achieve infinite heights beyond the sky.


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