Let’s admit it, we live in an era of internet and social networking where anything and everything can go “viral”.  When one video is uploaded in a group, I see the same video being shared in all the different Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Facebook Messenger and so on.  Many a times, these videos are shared so many times that they become the hottest topic of discussion and gossip.  People start judging, passing remarks, commenting on the video and giving their expert opinions.  Sometimes it has a positive impact, but many a times we make a video or a person infamous and judge him/her by looking just at that “viral” video!

How authentic are most of the videos! Do you ever wonder?  There are many such “viral photos or posts” that spread hatred, that spread panic, give false knowledge, spread false rumours, malign the reputation of a person or an organization.

I urge you all to use caution, and your intellect / instinct to judge any situation, photo or video.  Social media can be helpful as well as harmful.  Don’t blindly follow or believe everything that is shared. 

Viral social media is sometimes as harmful as a viral illness.  Be safe, be cautious, be intelligent…!


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  • VJ

    The thought is excellent, apt for todays time frame. Critical thinking is absolutely necessary. There are more thoughts to support your comments…
    1. Check the source..URL like (.infonet, .offer) rather than .com, .org or spelling errors.
    2. Check in Snopes.com to verify the authenticity.
    3. Look for evidence like research shows, doctor said, scientists proved..which research, which doctor, which scientist, in which paper etc..
    4. Again if its a research publication, who funded it..I found out that we need to drink eight glasses of water is funded by Nestle (obviously the focus is not public health)

    Overall, great thought to trigger the readers to think & act on it appropriately..


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