We humans are really strange creatures.  When we have something, we generally don’t cherish it, but once it’s gone, we lament about it:

Cherish few things when they are.  Like:

  1. The nonstop, innocent questions and chatter of a toddler, it never comes back.
  2. First few years of married life and the innocence and ignorance, it never comes back.
  3. The toothless grin and gurgles of a baby, it never comes back.
  4. Parents hoping that their daughter gets married soon.  Cherish her, once she leaves you will yearn for her presence.
  5. Talk to the kids as much as you can, cuddle them, kiss them, once they fly away you will yearn for that touch and voice.
  6. Don’t take true friends and relations for granted, once the heart or trust broken, it is never the same.
  7. Cherish the health and energy you have, it’s never the same always.
  8. Don’t stop creating memories, fooling around, laughing with your family, once everyone is busy in their lives, those moments are rare.
  9. Don’t take your spouse for granted, there’s no point in lamenting once he/she is gone.
  10. Try to fulfill your dreams as early as you can, though life gives you chances, but the fun of fulfilling it in the youth and savouring it is unmatchable.  That time never comes back.

Live each day, savour it, cherish…kya pata kal ho na ho..


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