Meet Alicia Crescencia Souza, Illustrator Entrepreneur and founder of the whimsical world of Alicia Souza that makes happy stuff for happy people! Just browsing through her website and looking through her creations is sure to put you in an upbeat mood!

Alicia, is a perfect example of someone taking something she loves doing and making a success of it. She does not claim it is easy, nah! but says that neither is it impossible. It took a nudge from her Art teacher back in school to unleash the artist in her and since then there is no looking back. When Alicia started out on her own, she faced several hurdles like managing her shyness with clients, talking about estimates and costings and not knowing a single person in the field in India – that, she says, helped her come out as a stronger and more confident person. Her motto in life is to make the world a happier place by starting with herself. She also points out that she looks at everyone as a mentor, because “everyone has something to teach and is someone to learn from”. While her toughest challenge to date was “getting over personal barriers like being super shy and being disciplined about working from home with really strict timings” she overcame it by looking at where she wanted to be as motivation.

Today, Alicia has over one lakh followers on social media platforms and a successful business which continues to grow. In her words “it feels surreal because in my wildest dreams, I never realised that life itself could get so wonderful.” On being asked what message she would like to give all the women reading this she signs off by saying “be happy and begin with you!”

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