Compassion is crucial. Every person has his or her own understanding about compassion. For me it is not only caring and showing concern for the plight of others, but acting to the best of my capability to support them.

From birth to death itself, we all wish for happiness without any suffering in our lives. But with every passing day, it is becoming one of the hardest tasks for human beings to achieve. To begin with, happiness is not only related to materialistic things, it comprises of the well-being of our mind and body. Also, it is an outcome of love and compassion in our life.

Now, here comes my main point- compassion. Compassion is the soil that holds the roots of happiness and along with periodical drizzle of love, the tree of happiness of our life blooms to its full glory. Humans are a part of the nature which even comprises of plants, animals, etc. and we all are interdependent on each other.

As we need to food to survive which comes from plants and they are dependent on the sunlight and water sources, so we all are interconnected. Similar is the case of happiness. Even during ordinary conversations in our daily life, if a person speaks with human feeling we enjoy listening and respond accordingly; the interaction becomes interesting, however unimportant the topic may be. On the flip side, if someone speaks coldly, we feel uneasy and wish for the conversation to end early. Hence, the affection and respect of others are necessary for our happiness.

In marriage, the love between couple – mostly in the initial days depends more on attachment than genuine love. When one partner’s attitude changes, the other partner often feels disappointed and his or her attitude changes too. This indicates that love has been motivated more by personal need than by genuine care for the other individual. So, to inculcate compassion in our life, we first need to remove the anger and hatred. Since they easily overpower our mind and can hinder our quest for happiness. To put a tab on the unreliable energy by anger, we need to have patience and reason as they are the strongest antidotes to anger.

Compassion is peaceful and gentle, but it is very powerful, while anger’s arousal is a sign of weakness. I always try to treat whoever I meet as an old friend. This gives me a genuine happiness and it is the practice of compassion. Let’s start enriching the soil of compassion so as to have a healthy plant of happiness in our life.


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