Appreciate – The word may appear small, but it has the capacity to cement bonds, cherish relationships, preserve joy, foster love and explore new altitudes of togetherness. 

My life is blessed with the most amazing people. My family, my friends… their love and care is my biggest support system. I would like to look deep within and get in touch with my emotions to appreciate each one for their role in shaping me. Words cannot express my feeling nor my gratitude to my family and friends for their countless deeds and kindness.

But today, it’s time for a special appreciation for my man …my love…my everything …Mr Praveen, with him besides me…my life is perfect in every respect.

Parents desire is to find a person who can love, care for and admire their daughter more than they do. Uniting my soul with Praveen’s, was the best decision of my life and I owe it to my parents.

I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to my love for he is pivotal and instrumental in transforming me and my thinking from an introvert to an extrovert, my actions from conservative to a progressive approach. He helped me transition from from playing board games to taking decisions in board rooms.

My sincere gratitude for his unbeatable combination of patience and persistence to enhance efficiency in everything. I still recall his words when we got married,“I can’t promise to fix all your problems, but I promise you won’t have to face them alone” .

At time of utmost despair and I was enveloped in emptiness, my man walked the talk, rekindled my resonance by fueling my imagination, accelerated my inspiration, directed my destination and encouraged me to dream. Thanks to him for his stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but words fall short to express gratitude for his role at times of challenges and controversy. My fractured thoughts while fighting, my tantrums, fragile flaws, gets corrected by his understanding. The sweet gestures, unflinching care, gentle looks, unconditional love are few of many wonderful things about my man. I count myself fortunate and blessed.

He accepts our similarities and respects our differences and we step together in tune. Just like the stars in the sky, my appreciation to my love is countless, to all my hopeless end he is the endless hope. No amount of my sacrifice or compromise will suffice and I thank him for being completing me.

Oops! Sorry ladies , if anyone still searching for the most amazing man, admirable gentleman and lovable person….he is married to me!


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