I am a firm believer that we are all permanent students of life whether we know it or not. There is also no limit to the lessons. The onus is on us to learn and relearn as much as we can. I love to spend time surrounded by the bounties of nature. Hence, I get to learn a lot from it.

As every sunset is accompanied by sunrise no matter the darkness of night, so is the BELIEF that with every problem comes a solution.

Tolerating the extremes of every season, trees shed leaves and bear fruit accordingly, so is the HOPE that every bad situation paves a way for a good one.

Even though the duration remains 24 hours, yet the span of day and night varies during the year, so is the tendency of humans to CHANGE. Here, change is not particularly about their behaviour, but their thoughts which gets updated with their experiences from life.

These are a few of my perspectives related to nature, but we can learn from everything and every situation around us provided we have an eye for it. Always remember that life is all about learning while living it with good and positive thoughts even if the tide of time is not in our favor. Author’s note: The span of day and night refers to Summer solstice and Winter solstice.


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