I have a confession to make. Today’s post is not about my parenting experience, it’s not even about my little munchkin’s growing up, it’s surely not about how great I am doing as a mother. It’s about an ugly truth, it’s about my scars, my flaws.

Motherhood is beautiful, it is blissful. It’s surely the loveliest phase in womanhood. There is no joy that is close. It’s like reliving your childhood.

But is it always fun?? At least that’s what my Instagram feed says, filled with so many idyllic pictures, lunch box recipes, parenting tips, all of them together appears like a vibrant, perfect life. It feels fabulous when people ask for your tricks and tips and you like that perfect mommy give others some serious parenting goal. But the truth is, behind those rosy pictures is a mother who is gone crazy, tired, and exhausted looking for some me time. Yes, sometimes I want to scream aloud. I want to tell them I am terribly tired of working on those summer homework projects, I am really exhausted with that daily struggle of brush your teeth properly. I am tired of those food on the floor, those crayons filled walls. I am tired of being always on the toes even when I have nowhere to go. I don’t want to think about what I am going to prepare tomorrow for your lunch box. I don’t want to wake up early on weekends so that I get some me time, so that I can have my morning cuppa a little longer despite I am feeling so sleepy. I want to tell them that after that long shopping day, when we come back home and you guys laze off, I too want to simmer down. I too want some me time, those carefree time without worrying about the mess in the house. Can I just relax during my menstrual cycle without any silly questions like “it happens every month, it’s happening since years, you should be used to it? I want to tell them loud that the cramps are real, that the pain is exhausting. I too want to lie down on couch, sip in my coffee and do nothing without feeling guilty.

When I am tired and drained out, I am not looking for anyone to take over my work but at the same time I don’t want to listen “What new are you doing? Everyone does it.

When I forget to do few things, I am not looking for someone to remind me but at the same time I don’t want anybody to question my skills or my ability to run a family.

When I do something, special and go that extra mile to make life easier, I am not looking for words of appreciation but at the same time I am also not looking for ‘that’s your job’ look.

All I want to say that mothers and Wives are not perfectionists. They mess up sometimes, they yell, they lose patience, they forget, they run all day, they too get tired, they too get bored, they too are real. They try, try every day and work to make life easier, organised, better and beautiful.

Let’s, without a reason, make them feel special. Let’s, without a Mother’s Day, give them a hug. Let’s, without an occasion, surprise them with all the love.


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  • VJ

    Rightly said! Every mother goes through this, totally understandable. You deserve not just credit but free time to relax and enjoy your tea! Hope your spouse, family are behind you. If for whatever reason, it’s challenging, take domestic help. Im with you because I had two! I depended entirely on domestic help to help me whenever I needed, to cook, to clean, to take of kids for 3-6 months, then you resume again. This too shall pass! Hang in there! Also, there’s a ‘clean up’ song that Montessori schools use after lay, for the kids to put away their crayons and toys after play. One hour play, five min clean up daily three times…I do it with my grandchildren so they learn to be organized. You don’t have to do everything, learn to delegate & enjoy your tea!

  • Very honest and potential write up.


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