Appreciation is defined as recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. 

I appreciate my mother because she is the one who gives me constant encouragement and confidence. One day, I was doing gymnastics and I did not know how to do a “back hand spring”. No body appreciated me because of this but my mother was the one who motivated me and said “Anusha don’t be scared I am there for you!”. These words were enough for me to give my best. After a few days, I learnt to do a back hand spring all by myself. It felt like a great achievement and I was motivated to do more. 

Another incident that I recall is when I could not demonstrate a commendable performance in a basketball match due to which some of my friends started to laugh and tease me. They called me a loser because I did not know how to play basketball. My mom spent time with me to teach me the sport and in no time, I was playing better than many of my peers. 

She always teaches me that “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying”. I am on the road to fitness since she has educated our whole family on fitness and is a great example herself for leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Anusha Patel
9 years old

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