I am writing today, not for myself but for all women in general. I would like to highlight certain things that I have noticed in my daily life. 

We live in a fast-paced world, where we do not have time for others. We are all narcissists in some way or the other. Please do take out some time and think about others. The universal mantra – Give once and it comes three-fold back to you.

Many of us come from humble backgrounds so, most of the time we are complaining and grumbling. Try to take matters in your own hands. It is not that, every other person was born with a silver spoon. Many have made their way, through the corporate or creative jungle all alone. And, today opportunities are many; you just need to keep your eyes and ears open.

Try to help other women in need. Those who are at the bottom strata of society need our help more. We should create powerful women in our society from ground zero. Here, I am not talking about feminism. I do not believe in feminism, but I believe that both sexes should support each other. 

I want to share some thoughts with all of you, reading this. I come from a middle-class background. My father gave me the best schooling and education. Now, I am self-reliant and a first-generation entrepreneur and freelancer in the Beauty, Wellness and Fashion sector. I train and counsel other women to achieve their goals in life, through motivational sessions. I am writing voraciously for websites and publications, to express my thoughts.  Well, life was not like this always, but not that bad also. It is how you see it.  Now, I am working on my blogging skills. I even have a blog to my credit 

I am unstoppable… We all are…


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  • VJ

    Good for you expressing your view point, yes life is an attitude. When you help others it definitely comes back..Best Wishes!


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